Celebrating Dr. David Curtis: Empowering Lives with Clear Vision During National Volunteer Month

Celebrating Dr. David Curtis: Changing Lives with Clear Vision

Meet Dr. David Curtis, the 76-year-old optometrist who has left a lasting impact on 77,000 people living in poverty worldwide, providing them with the gift of clear vision. With an impressive record of 80 completed medical missions spanning over 24 years, Dr. Curtis is a true visionary in solving the global vision crisis.

This National Volunteer Month, we pay tribute to Dr. Curtis for his unwavering commitment to making a difference. His innovative program, Eye Doc in a Box, empowers laypeople to conduct vision screenings in impoverished communities across the globe, multiplying his efforts to reach even more people in need.

Thanks to Dr. Curtis’s dedication, nearly 3 million individuals living in poverty now have the chance to see the world clearly, forever changing their lives. Join us in recognizing this extraordinary individual and his inspiring mission to bring clear vision to all.

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