Enhancing Vision,
Transforming Lives

Empowering our mission with action, Eye Doc in a Box offers a range of crucial services to those in need around the world. Through these services, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals by providing not just vision care, but also the tools for a better future.

Provide Training

Equip with Refraction Kits

Supply Essential Materials

Our Services

Provide Eyeglasses (2)

Providing Training

Currently, we provide on-site and ZOOM training to mission teams requesting either individual or group sessions. In the near future, our goal is to provide online training by going to our TRAINING page.  Teams will be trained in the innovative Eye Doc in a Box method of vision testing, ensuring that quality eyeglasses of the right prescription find their way to those who need them most.  Beginning in 2024, training will be offered at no cost, except for any travel expenses incurred for on-site training.

Provide Refraction Kits (2)

Equipping with Refraction Kits

Our mission goes beyond simply providing training. After successful completion of the training modules, we can provide teams with the kits they will need for a successful mission trip. These kits enable teams to accurately assess patients’ needs, determining whether reading glasses, distance glasses, or both are required. By equipping these teams with the right tools, we aim to enhance the precision and effectiveness of our services.  The cost for each kit is $100.  Go to our CONTACT page to request these kits.

Provide Materials (2)

Supplying Essential Materials

Understanding the importance of helping to supply mission teams, we go the extra mile by providing mission teams with the option of purchasing new or used eyeglasses to get them started.  We can provide teams with a material kit containing a mix of 100 new and used eyeglasses, along with 5 sunglasses, and plastic sleeves at a cost of $100 per kit.  The plastic sleeves serve as protective shields for the patients’ eyeglasses, extending their lifespan and ensuring ongoing benefits for those we serve.  We’ll also provide you links to eyeglass suppliers that can provide both new reading and distance glasses at relatively low prices.*

To request training, refraction kits, or material kits, simply go to our CONTACT page and reach out to us with your needs.  We’ll respond to your request and get you ready for your upcoming mission trip.

*Other materials can be ordered by your mission team such as Bible booklets, Bible tracts, and lubricating drops. We’ll provide you links to suggested websites for you to order.