Larry and Milynn,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for turning me on to your incredible ministry ‘Eye Doc in a Box’. After participating for many years in worldwide mission trips involving mostly ‘building efforts’, I thought that my days of mixing concrete and building block walls on the mission field were primarily over. Discovering what Dr Curtis had started, and what you guys were so enthusiastically leading, has created a whole new and fulfilling mission opportunity for me and others in our congregation to pursue. Your ministry is addressing one of the most important physical needs that I now realize exists in areas where our church has projects, allowing us to bring the ‘gift of sight’ to the folks there, as well as in surrounding communities. It totally complements the medical and construction teams that we’ve been blessed to deploy. I was simply amazed how, with minimal training (that you guys so graciously provided…) and hardware, that our ‘vision team’ was recently able to enhance the lives of so many people in less than a week. The myriad of smiles and excitement folks displayed having been given a simple pair of glasses that allowed them to see clearly, many for the first time in their lives, was indeed heartwarming…and life changing!  Coupled with the opportunity to witness and share the gospel, even leading some folks to Christ, was indeed a great privilege! On behalf of our team, thank you again for creating yet another opportunity for our folks to be HIS hands and feet.