Frequently Asked Questions

Eye Doc in a Box is an intensive one-day medical missions seminar that spans eight hours. It is designed to train laymen in conducting eye clinics in third-world countries.

We understand your skepticism. However, there are two key factors that make this training effective:

The scope of eye care provided during a mission trip is limited. The seminar focuses on teaching you the specific skills needed for these trips, such as prescribing glasses and treating acute infections. We do not cover more complex procedures like checking eye pressure or comprehensive examinations conducted in the USA.

In our opinion, it is highly unlikely for you to cause harm to a patient during an eye clinic.

We understand your apprehension. We encourage you to read the testimonials from pastors, office managers, financial planners, and others in the testimonies section of our website. Over 500 laymen have been trained through our program, collectively treating at least 70,000 patients. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with several students describing the joy on a patient’s face after receiving clear vision as the greatest experience of their lives. Dr. Curtis himself has treated approximately 45,000 patients using this method on 45 different trips.

During the seminar, we discuss various sources where you can obtain the required materials. Additionally, we provide everything our students need to conduct a clinic.

Getting the word out about the seminar has been challenging. Traditional methods of reaching pastors often fall through. We encourage you to share our website with Christians you know who are interested in mission trips and eye care.

If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.