Offering the gift of physical and spiritual sight.

Our mission is to empower individuals with the skills and tools to provide quality eye care in challenging third-world environments, transforming lives through the gift of sight.

Empowering Visionary Changemakers

Equipping individuals to transform lives through eye care missions.

Bringing Sight and Hope to the World

Delivering eye care solutions to underserved communities globally.

Global Outreach

Extending eye care worldwide, reaching the underserved with compassion.

Skills Training

Empowering individuals with the knowledge and expertise to conduct eye clinics.

Transforming Lives

Bringing the gift of clear vision, igniting hope and changing lives forever.

Spiritual Impact

Sharing the love of Christ, offering spiritual sight alongside physical healing.

The Eye Doc Advantage

With our proven expertise, innovative approach, and commitment to transforming lives, we deliver exceptional eye care solutions in challenging environments while communicating the love of Jesus Christ and sharing the Gospel message of salvation.

Why Eye Doc in a Box?

Discover the transformative power of Eye Doc in a Box. With global outreach opportunities and a focus on empowering individuals, we bring clear vision, hope, and lasting change to communities in need.

  • Global Outreach Opportunities
  • Empowerment & Independence
  • Spiritual Impact
  • Life-Changing Solutions
  • Lasting Legacy

2.5 mil

Lives Transformed

80 +

Mission Trips

20 +

Countries Served

Our Services

Transforming Lives through Training, Missions, Care

Equipping Leaders to Serve

Equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to lead successful eye clinics through our training seminars.

  • Extensive curriculum covering eye care fundamentals
  • Practical hands-on training for conducting clinics
  • Expert guidance from an experienced professional
  • Access to resources and materials for ongoing support
  • Empowerment to make a lasting impact in underserved communities

Restoring Vision, Renewing Hope

Establish and run eye clinics, offering life-changing vision care to individuals who lack access to proper eye services.

  • Eye examinations and refractions
  • Prescription glasses
  • Treatment of common eye conditions and infections
  • Holistic approach combining physical and spiritual support

Experience a deeper connection

In addition to providing essential eye care services, Eye Doc in a Box embraces the spiritual aspect of healing, ensuring that patients receive more than just physical assistance. Our program incorporates spiritual support to nurture the soul and bring hope to those in need. With our proven approach, we aim to transform lives both physically and spiritually.

  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Prayer and Fellowship
  • Hope and Empowerment
  • Life-Changing Impact